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As I sit here and ponder global warming, the global economy, and the overall globalization of our world, I can’t help but wonder about the many implications this has for you and me.

Today, according to our Census Bureau (which I imagine is layered with mathematicians relentlessly creating calculative methods to track the living and the dying simultaneously), the world population is at 7,708,702, 154 while the American population is 329,093,110 – and both numbers are growing even as I write. Anyhow, this puts the good ole US of A population at #3 behind China and India. But that’s not all bad as they require more people to make our Happy Meal toys and answer our computer troubleshooting calls.

With the population growth, it’s no wonder we are warming up…our planet is presently growing at 7 million humans a month. That’s a lot of hot air if they’re anything like my friends. Much worse if you consider all the politicians in the world—which I’m convinced is equal to the total sum of lawyers—who eventually become politicians anyways.

And since we as Americans love the little guy, I thought I’d share that St Pierre came in as the lowest populated country on this planet with only 5,888 humans.  But, if you’re like me you’ve never heard of it, which is probably why it is so small…and considering it is actually a French colony. But, by 2050, its expected to lose 700 people, while the U.S. gains another 120 million.

So, how do you and I make sense of this ever-changing world? We’re told to lean forward, think strategically, diversify our money, be innovative, and recognize emerging technologies.

Me? I’m buying Condos in St. Pierre…anyone want in?

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James Armstrong


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